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Pre-Purchase examination


The five stage pre-purchase examination is probably one of the most important services that we provide. Guiding our clients correctly in the acquisition of a new horse is something that we take very seriously. We only allow very experienced Vets to undertake these examinations and we are confident that we provide the correct advice every time.


A radiographic, or x-ray examination, may form part of the pre-purchase examination depending on the value of the animal, the proposed discipline or if the clinical examination highlights a potential problem. Most insurance companies ask for radiographs if the purchase price is above £15,000 so that they can fully assess the risk they are taking on. It is important that if you are intending to insure a new purchase that you establish that you can get the level of cover you require before completing the purchase. This often means that the radiographs have to be approved by the insurers before you hand over your hard-earned cash! This can be a stressful time but be assured that we will facilitate this process without delay.


We travel all over the UK, Ireland and Europe to carry out pre-purchase vettings, so if you need someone you can trust to advise you, look no further.


Five Stage Vetting

£220+vat plus mileage

The five stage vetting examination is carried out in strict compliance with The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons guidelines and is recognized as the gold standard by insurance companies.


Two Stage Vetting

£120+vat plus mileage

This more basic examination does not include strenuous exercise and is more applicable to unbroken youngsters, children's ponies and for mortality insurance certification.


Digital Radiography

£145+vat plus £12+vat per image

It is prudent to take x-rays of front feet and hocks of most sports horses as a bare minimum but insurance companies may request more extensive surveys before they will take on veterinary fees and loss of use cover. It is wise to check on what may be required prior to booking a vetting.


Video Endoscopy

£75 +vat

A video endoscopic examination of the upper airway may be deemed necessary by the veterinarian if the horse makes any abnormal breathing noises at exercise or if there is any history of surgery having been carried out.


Ultrasound Imaging

£85 - £150 +vat

Ultrasound scanning is the best way to evaluate the soft tissues of the limbs. Tendons and suspensory ligaments may be scanned if there is any palpable thickening, previous history of an injury or just to rule out proximal suspensory desmitis.

Blood Samples

£38- £85+vat

We normally advise that a blood test is taken and stored at the time of a vetting in case of subsequent dispute over administration of pain relief or sedation by the vendor. The sample is stored at the forensic laboratory in Newmarket and can be analysed for up to six months after sampling. If the horse is in poor condition, the vet may advise a routine blood screen to rule out any ongoing disease.


Gait Analysis


We are now offering an additional gait analysis assessment as part of the pre-purchase examination if required. This system documents stride length and joint angles to highlight any subtle lameness not visible to the naked eye.


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