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 At Peasebrook we appreciate the importance of thorough and appropriate care for your horse’s teeth. We are all highly skilled in all aspects of Equine Dentistry including:     

  • Routine rasping

  • Power tool work

  • Wolf tooth extraction

  • Molar extraction

  • Diastema widening

  • Corrective orthodontics  

We will provide you with dental charts detailing treatment carried out and advise on future appointment intervals that are most appropriate to maintain your horse’s health and rideability.

 Where possible we try to carry out routine work without sedation but sometimes this is necessary to be able to do a proper job as well as minimising the stress to your horse.

We run regular dental clinics at Peasebrook and many clients now opt to bring their horses to us so that we can access the full range of equipment.


call the clinic on 01386 853884 to book an appointment.