Claire manages and oversees the running of the rehabilitation centre and nurses at the clinic. She also co-ordinates all of the PR & marketing activity for the practice. This all in addition to her role as an Equine Sports Therapist. In 2008 she was elected onto the committee of ESMA  and went on to serve as Chairman.

After a career in General Nursing in Cheltenham, Claire went on to study for a BSc(Hons) Degree in Equine Science, after graduation in 1997 gaining employment for Dodson & Horrell as an Equine Nutritionist. In 2001 she set up as an independent consultant, working for pharmaceutical companies, various feed firms & independently to competition yards and horse owners. In her capacity as a Nutritionist, Claire has advised on diets and rations to top Olympic Event Riders & Show Jumpers. In addition to this, Claire has worked closely with the British Paralympic Dressage Squad and has been involved with long distance Endurance Riders. After years of interest in the fields of sports science she went on to develop her skills in Equine Sports Massage, training under the great and highly respected Physiotherapist & Sports Therapist Mary Bromiley  MBE  F.C.S.P., S.R.P., R.P.T. MBE. Claire gained a ITEC Diploma’s in Equine Sports Massage, Human Massage & Sports Massage. On completion of professional training, Claire built up a highly successful business, spent many years travelling with work, however now practices entirely from Peasebrook Equine Clinic.