Horse Health Check List

Horse Health - FAQ

Taking care of the small things -Yard check list


Sedating your horse and oral sedation using ACP


Managing Pain in Horses

Anatomy Charts

Download anatomy charts from the whole body to the hoof.


Taking on  a new horse

Whether you are buying a new horse or taking one out on loan this guide will help you through important topics to consider before and after your horse arrives with you.


Infectious disease and vaccinations

Equine infectious disease can severely affect a horse’s health and performance and in some cases prove fatal.


Getting the nutrition right

A balanced diet is crucial in helping to ensure a fit and healthy horse.


Caring for your horses teeth

Good dental care is essential to your horse’s well-being, to prevent disease and to ensure they are comfortable when they are ridden.

Parasite Control

With an increasing risk of resistance to wormers, it is vital that we adopt an effective worming strategy